Educare ChildCare &

Enrichment Center


As your child prepares for a new educational journey, our teachers provide a fun and interactive environment to help develop the skills needed for Kindergarten and beyond.  Helping your child succeed cognitively, social-emotionally, and physically, is the primary goal of our teachers. Here at Educare our teachers not only incorporate our curriculum standards, but they also practice and instill the metro public school standards. Incorporating these standards ensures that each child is beyond ready for kindergarten.  


Who mommy? Why Daddy? Where grandpa? The age of inquisitive minds start during our preschool years. Here at Educare we want to help answer their inquisitive questions by allowing them to investigate in centers and the world around them. During this exiting new chapter, our teachers are fully equipped  to satisfy your child natural curiosity. As we focus on letter recognition, phonics, and fine motor skills; our teachers are also starting small steps to prepare your child for Kindergarten.


I-N-D-P-E-N-D-E-N-T! As toddlers grow, they start to establish their independence and make new discoveries. Here at Educare, we gently guide toddlers to learning about their individualism and allow them to safely explore the world around them. Our teachers focus on learning new vocabulary words, using three/four word sentences, and help with potty training. We love their desire to grow and try things on their own.


Babies are born as explores and here at Educare we provide an abundance of delightful experiences that allow the infants to navigate through this wonderful word around them. With a low infant/teacher ratio, infants have the ability to gain trust for our teachers and feel comfortable with them. This ratio also allows infants to receive the nurturing care that makes parents feel comfortable leaving their precious little ones with us for the day.

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